New pedals

Just wanted to let everyone know (who does not actually check through all of my blog regularly) that I added some new pictures of the latest pedals I have built. You can find them on the ‘DIY’ page.


Tough & Stink-eye

I know my regularity with this blog is abysmal, and really, I have no excuses.

But I have pulled out the camera a little more the last few days and have captured some great pics of Nolan and Lauren. Here are two of my favorites:

(This was actually my shirt when I was a kid – notice the vintage Riders “S”)

(This is what we commonly refer to as Lu’s “Stink-eye” – she thinks she’s so funny when she does this!)


Lauren – 9 months

I know. I know.

I have been… well, less than stellar with giving you monthly updates of our growing little girl.
BUT – I am happy to show you her 9-month photo that I took on Sunday. Of course, she was more interested in wrestling with the hammer than sitting nicely beside it.

So after much anticipation (and gentle reminding by many family and friends), here is Lauren at 9-months old:


Round Trip

It feels like it was only two years ago when I was last in this position of change!

For those that have not heard the news, I have resigned from Trail Alliance Church effective March 31, at which time Sarah, the kids and I will be returning to Maple Ridge.

This has been a hard decision that has involved a lot of talking, thought, and prayer. Ultimately, what this decision comes down to is that it is time for our family to move into the next chapter of life.

For now, I am leaving full-time, paid ministry and will be going back to school. I have applied into the electrical engineering program at B.C.I.T. to start this fall. We see this career as being a way for Sarah and I to settle in one place for a long time allowing Nolan and Lauren to grow up in one place with the same friends.
Now I am leaving full-time, paid ministry, but I am definitely not leaving ministry. I think it is near impossible for Sarah and I to not serve in a church. Now, our service will be done from a volunteer position and not a paid position.

Obviously there are a number of hurdles yet to jump. We have our house that we need to sell in a market that is not exactly ‘hot’. I need to find a job in or close to Maple Ridge until school starts. And of course, the hardest part, preparing to leave Trail. We have made some wonderful friendships here and it will be hard to physically leave those here.

On an unrelated note: yes, I realize I have nearly abandoned this blog. I constantly have family and friends asking for more pictures of Nolan and Lauren. Today is in fact Lauren’s 9-month birthday which means I missed another month’s hammer picture! I took one of here at 7-months, I just have not edited it/posted it yet. Hopefully you will get a 9-month picture!


Lauren – 6 Months

Look at me! Posting Lauren’s 6-month photo on her actual 6-month birthday!
My apologies to everyone who comes here looking for updates of our kids (I’m speaking to you, Grandparents!). The lack of her 5-month picture is pure testimony to how much life changes from one child to two!

Anyways, enough delay. Here is Lauren at exactly 6-months:

And for those curious, here is Nolan at 6-months (look at all of that hair!):


Parenting, Pedals, & Pictures

The title essentially sums up my life (outside of work)!

I know, one of those items missing from that list is my online presence, but it’s alright. I’m alive and well.

The last post showed Lauren at 4-months and soon we will be taking her 5-month photo. She is doing great. Very smile-ly, happy little girl. Nolan is a wonderful big brother and loves to help take care of his ‘pretty girl’.

I continue to be completely engrossed in guitar effect pedals. For my birthday in August I received three pedals. Two of them have been built (5-Knob Compressor and Phasr) with only one more to go. To check them out, head over to my ‘DIY‘ page. You can always find the link at the top of this blog.

Finally, I try and pull out our camera from time to time. Certainly not as much as I want (nor as much as many of you want, as the comments seem to say!). But I was able to take this picture the other evening as the four of us went for a walk in this wonderful weather we are having in late September. It’s of Teck, the big smelter in town (and economic lifeblood of this part of the world).


Lauren – 4 months

After much… encouragement from my family, I am proud to finally present Lauren’s 4 month (ish) picture.

Yes, I realize that it is only a week until Lauren is 5 months, but rest assured this picture was actually taken last week!

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